Album Review: Skeletons In The Closet By Bob Kulick

Rating: 7 out of 10

Bob Kulick is known for a few things, to Kiss fans he’s known as the guy that played on Paul Stanley’s 78 solo album, and his 89 solo tour.  He’s also known for being a ghost musician on multiple Kiss albums, and brother to former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick.  Over the years he’s also produced plenty of bands, for example Motorhead, he’s played with Meatloaf, and been the person behind quite a few tribute albums.  So after all this time, he’s finally put out a solo album, which takes things from various projects he’s worked on, and brings them all together, under his name.  The album features plenty of guest appearances, vocalists such as Dee Snider, David Glen Eisley and Robin McAuley, bassists like Quiet Riot Alumni Rudy Sarzo and Chuck Wright as well as his brother Bruce on a track.  As far as the drummers are concerned, current Kiss drummer, and another member of that 89 Paul Stanley solo band, Eric Singer, from Vinnie Vincent Invasion fame, Bobby Rock, a current member of the Ace Frehley Band, Scot Coogan, and Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot.

The album doesn’t break any new ground, but it should please anyone that is remotely a fan of late 80s hard rock.

Reviewed by Victor M. Ruiz of earpeelerMars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

Paul Stanley and Bob Kulick on stage.

Bob Kulick’s Skeletons In The Closet.



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