Armored Saint’s Raising Fear – 30th Anniversary

Released September 5, 1987

1987’s Raising Fear marked Armored Saint downsizing to a four piece in the studio as Phil Sandoval had left the band half way through the recording of the band’s second album, Delirious Nomad.  It would also mark the last time Dave Pritchard would appear on a new studio album with the band, and it’s their last with Chrysalis Records.  At the time, the band wanted to return to being a five piece, and auditioned Odin guitarist Jeff Duncan, who later joined the band for the early 90s classic Symbol Of Salvation, but at that time, Odin was popular on the Sunset Strip, and he wanted to remain with the band he helped put together.

The album was recorded during two different points in time, they initially recorded half of the tracks, then reworked some of the songs, re-recorded them, and finished writing and recording the rest of the album.  After Delirious Nomad not being what Chrysalis had wanted from the band, they had them work with an outside songwriter, Phil Brown of Little Feet.  Brown’s perspective just was not the same as the band’s.  Within the first ten minutes of talking to the band about being successful, and getting there, he blurts out to the band one of his famous phrases “it’s all about white limos and chicks”, a sentiment the band did not believe in at all.  Brown lasted roughly ten days with the band, before being promptly let go.  The label had someone like Michael Schenker on their roster, wouldn’t it of made more sense to bring someone like this in, or someone more in the NWOBHM vein if they were looking for another Can U Deliver?

The title track was written based on the band’s relationship with the management company they worked with at the time, Q Prime.  They felt that Q Prime was not doing what they should with the band, and felt as if they were in the dark, as the management company for whatever reason was not returning their calls.  The album also came at a cross-road in the L.A. music scene when a lot of bands either tried to be what would go on to be called glam/hair metal, or thrash bands.  Unfortunately, Armored Saint was neither, and were caught in the middle.

One of Phil Brown’s only contributions to the band can be heard during the chorus to Chemical Euphoria, where he helped tweak what the band had originally cooked up for the song.  The lyrics to the track came about after lead singer John Bush had become a huge fan of U2’s Unforgettable Fire album, his desire to write about more serious topics, than sex, or other entrapments you hear on previous albums, and reading a Newsweek article on the crack cocaine epidemic that was sweeping the country.

Joey Vera’s father was an art director, and worked with the band on putting the album cover together, although he did not paint it, he did help the cover come to fruition.

Shortly after the album was released, the band would be dropped from Chrysalis.

Written by Victor M. Ruiz of earpeelerMars Attacks Radio & Podcast and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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