Dan Lorenzo’s Vessel Of Light Reveal Song Titles

Dan Lorenzo ( HADES, NON-FICTION, THE-CURSED) has recently teamed up with Nathan Opposition ( Ancient VVisdom) to form a musical project called:

Vessel of Light. The two will record their debut EP in Cleveland at the end of this month.

The track listing of six songs written by the duo are:

Where My Garden Grows

Dead Flesh and Bone

Meant To Be

Descend Into Death

Vessel of Light

Living Dead To The World

Guitarist Dan Lorenzo previously said, “I really haven’t played guitar too often over the decade since Blitz ( Overkill) and I released The Cursed Room Full of Sinners cd in 2007. I’ve had a few bands ask me to join them, but that has never really interested me.  Back in December, I went to Austin and before I arrived I was Googling ‘Stoner rock’ or ‘Doom bands from Austin’ or something like that and I came upon the video for Ancient VVisdom’s “The Opposition”(watch it below). I literally watched the video about twenty times over the next couple of days. I have a Jesus tattoo. I met the Pope. I go to church and the lyrics were not what I’m into, but I couldn’t deny it was one of the catchiest vocal lines I’d ever heard in my life. Then I listened to their song “Deathlike” multiple times. I decided to write about the band ( in NJ’s Steppin’ Out magazine) and I mailed Nathan Opposition (Ancient VVisdom’s singer) a magazine and  I think an old Hades cd. We started communicating by email and then on the phone. I had no intentions of asking him to write with me because my musical career is long over. I’m considerably older than him and I honestly wasn’t playing guitar much, but when Nathan asked me if I wanted to write together I couldn’t say no. ”

Nathan Opposition said, “Lorenzo and I became friends due to my inability to not be susceptible to flattery . Turns out he’s a really cool guy who writes awesome riffs too. Randomly one day I ask him about the band we are starting in joking fashion. I guess it was the right timing and the right person because we immediately agreed we should actually start a project . Before I knew it he was sending me CDs of riffs and I had lyrics flowing like a faucet. ”

Lorenzo will handle all guitars and bass on the recordings and Opposition will play drums and sing all vocals.

Dan Lorenzo ( HADES, NON-FICTION, THE-CURSED) has teamed up with Nathan Opposition ( Ancient VVisdom) to form a musical project called:
Vessel of Light.

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