Talking Metal 678 Motörhead Special

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On this episode of Talking Metal, it’s a Motörhead history lesson with heavy metal historian Martin Popoff.  Check out his awesome book Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers: The Rise of Motörhead.  Topics include Lemmy, Jimi Hendrix, producer Jimmy Miller, Fast Eddie Clark, Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, the double bass drumming on the song Overkill, Hawkwind, Lemmy’s bass sound, the Ace Of Spades album, the On Parole album, the self titled album, the band’s drug use, Wendy O. Williams, Thin Lizzy’s Brian Robertson and much more.

Following the interview with Martin Popoff, Mark speaks with Pyn Doll from the band Barb Wire Dolls.  He shares stories about Lemmy, the Eagles of Death Metal, the Rub My Mind album and much more.

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