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On this latest episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl interviews Tony Dolan form Venom INC.  Topics include Venom, the Prime Evil album, Atomkraft, the new Venom INC album, the upcoming tour, M-pire of Evil, his acting and much more.  The interview starts 19 mins into the podcast.  John “Ostronomy” Ostrosky co-hosts this episode and provides an update on what Ace Frehley is currently up to.

Pictured above – Mark Strigl with Venom INC in 2015.

After months of anticipation, VENOM INC. will release their upcoming full-length opus, entitled Avé, on August 11, 2017 via Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders for the new album are available now at:

The first single from Avé, entitled “Dein Fleisch”, watch it here: 

VENOM INC. was born during an impromptu live set at 2015’s Keep it True Festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. The on-stage reunion was a rousing success amongst Venomfans and music industry personnel alike, and although it was originally only set up for fun, Dolan began receiving numerous show offers for VENOM INC. from booking agents around the world. What started as a live set to celebrate Venom‘s legacy immediately turned into a serious reunion discussion. The rest is history.
While unexpected at the outset, the end result of this reunion is an album that true Venomfans will gladly add to the top of their playlists. Vocalist/bassist Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan says, “We tried to shape Avé so that it comes at you dark, then it gets bright and heavy and just keeps growing into some kind of monster.”
Avé track listing:
01. Ave Satanas      
02. Forged In Hell   
03. Metal We Bleed              
04. Dein Fleisch       
05. Blood Stained   
06. Time To Die       
07. The Evil Dead    
08. Preacher Man  
09. War       
10. I Kneel To No God          
11. Black N Roll        

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As mentioned in the episode here is our jam of Paranoid with with Members of Twisted Sister, Warrior Soul, and The Howard Stern Show.

Venom INC

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  1. Anonymous June 15, 2017 3:55 am 

    Awesomtony is the man!

  2. Gerry June 15, 2017 5:26 pm 

    I would like a month of my job to play hockey,but when I came back everything would be fucked up!!so its just weekends,and some vacation days,I work with buzzards and buzz bombs all day!!its now time for a very tall summer shandy!working sucks,maybe you can hit the pier all numbers,quit your pro mo gig,tour the world!!good luck mark

  3. TalkingMetal June 15, 2017 9:31 pm 

    haha…. I guess we all hate our job.

  4. Gerry June 17, 2017 10:15 am 

    Job is cool/but like u said,the non sense that goes own,everyday!!!its always something,trucks are late because of traffic,or accident on the g w!workers calling out sick,leaving before their shift ends,and just plain lazy people who have hard time spelling cat or dog!!thats what I hate,n management who folds like a tent,cause we can’t hurt anyone’s feelings,then make me do the jobs that weren’t done,meanwhile,I have 7 trucks to in load,n 4 to load out,no over time!thank god for metal!!!crank it up to 11!!!!

  5. TalkingMetal June 20, 2017 1:10 am 

    I hear you Gerry. Bosses suck. – Mark

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