Metal Wraps 39 – Ratt, Chris Cornell, Biters, Metallica & More

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On this episode of Metal Wraps, Mitch, Mitch and Mark talk about Chris Cornell, Biters, Metallica, Ratt, Iron Maiden, the Night Flight Orchestra and more.

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Chris of Soundgarden on stage at PNC in NJ – 2014







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  1. TalkingMetal June 7, 2017 3:53 pm 

    Always a great time with Mitch and Mitch on Metal Wraps.

  2. gerry June 8, 2017 7:37 pm 

    I love maidens new album.last year/book of souls tour,maiden played the red and the black,book of souls,speed of light,deat or glory and if eternity should fail.this is 2017.they should be playing different new tunes,they have added the great unknown.but need to add when the river runs deep.shaddows of the valley,the man of sorrows,empire of the clouds.learn some new tunes guys.the current set list is only one hour 39 minutes.short of two hours.first it was the record industry short changing our favorite bands.last thing,roger waters is 74,but playing 25 songs,sure maiden have ghost as openers,but 1 hour 39,ya add some bruce barking the crowd up,but he is supposed to be the air raid siren??short shows,heavy ticket prices will kill metal/rock,600 for 2 tickets and 40 for parking,add two tour shirts some beers,almost a house payment like 1,000 dollars.i did skip metallica/ga ga.maidens second show in Brooklyn is going to be a private show for a few thousand people,unless they cancel it or do some different tunes.shoild be interesting to see how many seats they sell on july 22,sat Barclays center.

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