ON THIS DAY – April 14th – Blackmore, Maiden & Peter Steel

1945 – Ritchie Blackmore is born.

1973 – Led Zeppelin reach number 1 in the UK and US with Houses Of The Holy.

1980 – Iron Maiden release their self-titled debut album.

1982 – Van Halen release the Diver Down album.

1986 – Judas Priest release the Turbo album.

2010 – The great Peter “Steel” Thomas Ratajczyk of Type O Negative passes away.  R.I.P. – You are missed!

Iron Maiden – 1st album – 1980.


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  1. Gerry April 16, 2017 8:15 am 

    Maidens first,wow,the art work on the cover said it all!!house of the holy could be my favorite zeppelin album,if not 4 physical graffiti!diver down had to many cover songs!!loved the turbo album.

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