ON THIS DAY – March 20th – Twisted Sister, Metallica & More

AJ Pero

1976 – Alice Cooper marries Sheryl Goddard.

2003 – The Station Nightclub fire occurs during a show by Jack Russell’s Great White, 100 people die in the incident.

2008 – The late Scott Weiland begins bickering on stage with Velvet Revolver’s sound person, and announces to the crowd that “they are witnessing the last tour by the group” before storming off stage, cutting the band’s performance short.

2009 – Motley Crue performs White Trash Circus on Jimmy Kimmel Live with every lead singer from the bands that will appear on Cruefest 2.

2009 – In an effort to promote the release of Guitar Hero: Metallica, the band performs at SXSW.

2010 – Judas Priest guests on Bruce Dickinson’s radio show.

2012 – Kiss and Motley Crue hold a press conference to promote their upcoming tour.

2015 – Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero passes away from a heart attack.

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