ON THIS DAY – 2/15/80 – Metal For Muthas Is Released On EMI

On this day February 15, 1980, the historic Metal for Muthas compilation album is issued on EMI.  It reached #12 on the UK charts and helped further the careers of many bands that were apart of the New Wave of Britsh Heavy Metal movement.  Iron Maiden was the only band to have 2 songs on the album.   DJ Neal Kay put it together.

Metal for Muthas track list.

Side One:

  1. Iron Maiden – Sanctuary (different from Iron Maiden LP version)
  2. Sledgehammer – Sledgehammer
  3. E.F. Band – Fighting For Rock and Roll
  4. Toad the Wet Sprocket – Blues In A
  5. Praying Mantis – Captured City

Side Two:

  1. Ethel the Frog – Fight Back
  2. Angel Witch – Baphomet
  3. Iron Maiden – Wrathchild (different from Iron Maiden LP version)
  4. Samson – Tomorrow or Yesterday
  5. Nutz – Bootliggers

Metal for Muthas – 1980.


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