Talking Metal 522 Featuring Paul Di’Anno & Josh Brown



This episode of Talking Metal includes new interviews Mark Strigl conducted with ex-Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno and Full Devil Jacket vocalist Josh Brown. Victor Ruiz is the special guest co-host.

Paul Di’Anno interview topics include his band Architects of Chaoz, his new cover of Deep Purple’s Soldier of Fortune, Whitesnake’s Purple album, his upcoming knee surgery, Iron Maiden royalties and his plans to tour the US later this year.

We also listen to a new song by Architects of Chaoz featuring Paul Di’Anno. Look for the all-new full-length album to be released this May.

Check out Architects of Chaoz on Facebook by clicking here.

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Check out Josh Brown’s art work by clicking here.

Other topics discussed by Mark and Victor include Generation Kill, Megadeth and Heavy Montreal.

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Strigl and DiAnno in 2010.

Strigl and DiAnno in 2010.

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