Talking Metal Episode 428 Featuring Bruce Bouillet

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Sean Baker and Bruce Bouillet

Sean Baker and Bruce Bouillet performing live in 2013.

Listen here: Talking Metal #428

In this episode of the Talking Metal podcast Mark and John are joined by legendary guitarist Bruce Bouillet.  Bruce discusses his time in Racer X, working with  Motorhead, Bob Kulick, Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) Mike Varney, Sean Baker and  his new album, The Order Of Control.   He also reveals there will be a The Order Of Control Volume 2 released at some point in the future.

When discussing his time with The Scream ,he tells Talking Metal,  “We were at the point where we were doing pretty well. We had just gotten back from playing the Astoria Theater in London. The reception in London was really pretty amazing, but in the same sentence, Alderete and myself were hearing the musical change coming.  Juan was always interested in the new underground music coming up.  I think The Scream would’ve transformed more into that heavier grungier sound because we were basically laying and sitting on the fence on it already. We were driving to what would have been one of our last shows, I’m driving with the bass player, Juan, and we hear on the radio that Vince Neil is out of Motley Crue and we are like ‘wow that is pretty big news’, you know. We get to the gig and there is this big commotion out in the audience and we are getting ready to go on, it is a pretty full club. We look out and it is Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx. I remember Alderete and I looked at each other and said ‘we think we know what is going on. ‘ We wished John all the luck. Those guys are icons and they did an amazing album” (referring to the album that Motley Crue did with John Corabi).

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