Talking Metal #427 with Metal Mike and Zakk Wylde

Listen here: Talking Metal 427

This episode of the podcast features 2 interviews with 2 great guitar players.  First up, starting at 8 mins in, it’s Metal Mike Chlasciak discussing the new Metalworker album, Rob Halford, Jim Breuer and the song American Metalhead.  Check out the Metal Mike Facebook page.

Then at 44 mins into the podcast, it’s a new interview with Zakk Wylde discussing the new Black Label Society DVD “Unblackened”, the Bringing Metal to Children book, Ozzy, Slash, Axl, A-Rod, doping in the NFL/MLB and Zakk’s wife in the Shatner roast video. A small portion of the 25 min interview has been transcribed below.

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John Ostronomy, Zakk Wylde and Mark Strigl in NYC - 2013


Zakk Wylde gives a 25 min interview to Talking Metal which includes the follow:

Talking Metal: We haven’t seen you in a couple years, How’ve you been man?

Zakk:  I just can wait to talk about metal.

Talking Metal: We are here today to talk about the new Unblackened DVD and double CD. I had the chance to check it out and it’s really amazing.

Zakk:  I appreciated. If you hear any of that noise in the background that is the Black Label sweatshop we have here and we have them writing all the new hit songs for the next, upcoming Black Label studio album. Next question.

Talking Metal: Here is the thing, some people might hear “Unblackened” and think, “what is this? An acoustic record?” But it is not acoustic, it is full on electric but it is just that some of these songs lend themselves to a less heavy vibe. Right?

Zakk:  Yeah, yeah without a doubt so some of the uh, obviously mellow songs just uh…, You have electric solos and stuff like that and power cords and stuff like that. Actually they’re kind of like the renditions that are on the record, you know so what I mean?  As opposed to a stripped-down thing where I’m sitting behind the piano playing a song without the drums, strings and all that stuff.  It came about because we got approached to do another DVD with Eagle, we had Boozed, Broozed and Broken-Boned with the Detroit chapter and then we did Doom Troopin over in Europe so instead of doing another heavy one because the Black Label family is always asking, they are like “when are you clowns can it do the mellow ones because we dig the mellow stuff?’ We will do Dime’s song live and just another mellow song, Spoke in the Wheel or something like that but they are like “when you can into an evening just the mellow stuff”?  So that is how that came about and that is why we put this thing together.

Talking Metal:  And this is two separate releases, right? It’s a DVD and then a CD release?

Zakk:  Yeah right, you have one coaster for your beer in the other one for your shot of whiskey whatever the hell else to drinking and you can get blasted into oblivion while you stick this CD and DVD on and treat your body like the amusement park that it is.

Talking Metal:  What do you think about A Rod?

Zakk:  I just thought it is kind of weird.  Didn’t he just go through this 4 years ago when the Yankees won the World Series?  Remember he came out and said “I tried it for awhile and it was wrong of me and I shouldn’t have done it but I know this wasn’t making my numbers go up and it wasn’t like I was hitting the ball any further so I just stopped doing it.  Maybe I wasn’t even doing it right to begin with or taking the right stuff.  Who knows if it was even phony” and he goes “I am not on anything right now so whatever.”  And it just seemed like it was over.  It was like he came out and didn’t lie and everyone was fine with that.  Now all of a sudden they are going after him again so I don’t understand it.  I really don’t.  Put it this way, if he takes a piss test, blood test and a hair sample and there is nothing in his system then who the fuck cares?  Does anyone have any blood, hair or urine samples from whenever they thought he was taking it in 2001 and 2002?  It is like “no, we don’t have any evidence” then how can you put this guy in jail?  You don’t have the murder weapon, you don’t have any blood, you don’t have any evidence, no fingerprints.  OJ, they had evidence.  A Rod, they have no evidence.





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