Talking Metal #421 with Kiko and Ken

Listen here:  Talking Metal 421

This episode features an interview with the great guitarist Kiko Loureiro.  Kiko is known for his work with Angra and is currently promoting his new solo album which is called Sound Of Innocence.  Check out Kiko’s new music video for the song Conflicted here on You Tube.

This episode also features Ken Pierce from Piercing Metal. Ken is a long time friend of Mark and John and live and breaths NYC rock and metal.  Jon Simpson and body guard to the stars Chris Kiszka.  Topics include Dio, Vivian Campbell, U.D.O., Nevermore, Winter Sun, Sean Baker, power metal and thrash metal.  This episode was recorded at Duke’s in NYC on 19th Street!

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Pictures from the podcast record at Duke’s.

Dukes - 19th Street




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